Elevations Are Sales Opportunities

CATEGORY: Chevron, Google
DATE: 9 Ekim 2013

As the borrowing limit problem of USA keeps on elevating, selling pressure in the stock markets continues. We had to update our analyses about the previous stocks that we urged upon. These kind of analyses of trading stocks in NYSE-Nasdaq-S&P500 are for the investors who operate with CFD (leverage procedure).

Dow Jones is down to 14700. We expect Dow Jones to be down to 14300 in the upcoming days. For this reason, elevations are opportunities to sale stocks.




Google stocks closed Tuesday at 853$. We expect share prices to be down to 795$ level. While 840 was our first support point in the weekdays, 857 and 861 were our resistance points.





Chevron stocks closed at 117$. Our resistance points were 117.95 and 118.6. In the short term, stock prices probably won’t drop under 116.5, but in the long term, we expect stock prices to drop under 110$.

Targeting to sell at 109 is convenient.




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