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DATE: 1 Aralık 2013

Some say justice and some say mercy. Sometimes justice, and sometimes mercy is the wrong call.

6 years of my life have passed by following financial balances. In the adventure which started with Lehman, I remember the days we were saying even USA may bankrupt but these companies won’t. I witnessed the companies that won’t bankrupt to go down in the history. We even believed that AIG, which insures the whole world, may bankrupt. We know that Buffet prevented the downfall of AIG stocks (DowJones actually) as a response to the request from former Treasury Secretary Poulsen.

In that 6 years, there were both good and bad changes. I understood that the system is worthless since it can shrink because of  a big mistake.

There were many important developments in 2013. The effect of most of them still continues. Events that we didn’t experience their effects weren’t brought up much.

There is only one truth that I have learned until now. In the future world, energy companies like Exxon Mobile and Chevron will determine the course of action of the world. Russia originated energy companies will have the power to participate in new battles.

I don’t believe that USA will have the power and policy to set new balances in the future world. Future world will be determined by companies, not countries. Finance, telecommunication and especially energy companies will set the political and economical balances in the future.

We all read about the Iran’s nuclear agreement in the weekend. Israel and Saudi Arabia weren’t too pleased about this agreement. We can say that the sponsor of the recent coup in Egypt was Saudi Arabia. Because of the shale gas operations of USA, Saudi Arabia is very loud in the last period.

It is important to know Saudi Arabia well. Saudi government and most of the nation is Wahabi. People who recently travelled to Mekkah should have seen it. Buildings taller than Kaaba are built, Ottoman artifacts are demolished and even going to the grave of the Prophet Muhammad to pray is forbidden. Saudi people named their thoughts as Islam and called the people who don’t believe like them as heterics.

In order to understand the beginning, the  past and the purpose of Wahabis, I recommend you to read this book.


Syria is the 4. country in the world in the natural gas extraction. Most of the energy resources of Syria are ran by Russian enegy companies.

While the EU membership of Ukraine is being discussed, Russia doesn’t give any gas to Ukraine. Russia has warned Ukranie for several times. While the government of Ukraine continues to lose power between EU and Russian balances, American energy giant Chevron made 10 billion $ worth shale gas investment in the country. While Russian balances in Black Sea are shaking, Chevron’s exploration at the Turkey borders and Sinop nuclear’s being done by Japan-French cooperation will set new balances in Black Sea.


It is even more complicated in Mersin. While Russia continues to make energy investments in Syria, Russia’s building Mersin Akkuyu, Exxon Mobile, General Energy and İpek Minery’s searching for oil wells and natural gas and oil lines passage from this area have set new balances in East Anatolia.

Competition of hundreds of both local and international electic companies will show that Turkey needs to think even bigger.

Third airport will speed up  the transportation for companies like Turkish Airlines, will shake the balances of the world in this area and will show that Turkey is big market.

Iran’s nuclear agreement is very advantageous for Turkish companies. For almost 15 years, Iran is governed by sanctions. Under the leadership of Exxon Mobile, Iraq market has became available for the whole area. Iran’s nuclear agreement has made the Iran market available to the world. If Turkish companies increase their investments in Iran, giant companies of the future will be among the ones that are powerful in the Iraq-Iran market.

Another issue is the convergence of Armenia and Turkey. Even though Armenia isn’t a big market, it is a country that can set power balances. If we improve our commercial relations with this country, whole world will start to think about being partners with Turkish companies.

Who fights and who is powerful always wins. Trade means risk. One who likes risk takes a step. Cowards shout in the time of peace. But brave ones show themselves in the time of war.

While all of these advencements are happening, Turkey’s dealing with a lot of less important issues are preventing us to think bigger.

We all think about the future. But most of us forget about the past. Ottoman Empire that ruled the world for almost 600 years, wasn’t able to fight because of the big dept burden. USA still has the power to fight. No one is indispensable. Everyone has an alternative. Now, may alternative of the American companies be Russian companies? I don’t think so.



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